The Secrets to Own Your Property in Spain and Canary Island

For over 17 years I live in Lanzarote, one of the main islands belonging to the Canary archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean about 100 km off the Moroccan coast. Who else has not dreamed of owning his own property in the sun and particularly in Spain and the Canary Island?

You have to be relatively careful if you decide to take the big step and buy your property in Spain. Remember the latest scandals in Marbella and Lanzarote, where many homeowners find themselves in the uncomfortable position of knowing if their properties are legal and if a notice of demolition is happening.

Here are some tips for buying your property in Spain:

At first you’ll have to decide on the use of your property: do you intend to rent it to tourists, to rent it to residents or to live permanently in Spain? Depending on your choice you will need to define your needs for the vicinity of a school, hospital, and recreational activities.

Once your specific situation, you can begin contacting a local estate agency to visit the most property in the area that interests you. Try to come back at several times and on different days, questioning neighbors about the quality of the environment and locality. Double-check at the trustee if applicable, the general conditions to see if your favorite animal, or tourist rental are permitted and especially Avvocato in Spagna if the former owner has paid all his bills with the trustee.

It should be noted that in Spain the trustee may object to a sale and even appropriate your property in case of dispute.

Once all these small checks done, you’ll need a lawyer to verify first if the estate agency is competent and above all to be very sure that all legal titles are valid and that there is no mortgage or other expenses linked to this property.

Don’t be ashamed to ask the different lawyers you will meet if they are really specialized in property laws.

Do not neglect this step especially in Spain because it often happened that the properties are resold several times that the building permit is not valid and other mishaps. Make sure also if all bills including electricity and water have been paid, because those debts in Spain are always attached to the property and not to the owners.

Also make a little visit to the town hall to check that local taxes are up to date and make sure that in the near future there are not important projects related to your village or your home.

Those are the main points to check when buying your dream home in the sunny Spain. Choose a good real estate agent and a good lawyer: that is the secret of your success. Remember as well, it will take about 10% extra on the purchase price for notary and lawyer fees

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