Pest Control For Rodents

Pest control on rodents can be very hard to treat when dealing with an infestation that has been left to festa for many weeks or even months.

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Most of the infestations I have attended over the years are normally at the later stages, and this normally means applying a baiting programme. Baiting programmes consist of visiting the infestation in question and placing a bait in the rodent active areas. The bait itself kills the rodents and allows the engineer to monitor the activity which in turns helps the engineer to find the size of the infestations and most of all how the rats, mice or squirrels have entered your property in the first place.

Once a site survey has been carried out and the rodents have been identified the appropriate type of bait will be used. It is not a common fact that one type of bait does not treat all types of rodents. It is against the law in the united kingdom to place to different types of bait in one area (when treating rats and squirrels). A person or engineer who places squirrel bait down for rats or rat bait down for squirrels will be classed as incompetent and can be fined thousands of pounds.

This is why a professional survey should be carried out, to identify which kind of infestation you may have.

If rodents have been noticed at the early stages, and before it turns into an infestation, only a small treatment will be needed to eradicate the activity. It is also wise to use a bait that dehydrate them this will allow them to go out side to die and you will not have any after effects such as a bad smell or flies caused by dead bodies.

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