Joe Vitale Review and the Law of Attraction – The Secret

Joe Vitale had materialized the marketing ideas of “The Law of Attraction” and “The Secret”. Apparently, not everyone knows who Joe Vitale is as well as with the ideas that he materialized. Joe Vitale is the initial creator of “hypnotic marketing” and “hypnotic copywriting”. Joe Vitale is the President and Founder of the Hypnotic Marketing Incorporated. He was an original copywriter as well.

The techniques of hypnotic marketing and hypnotic copywriting use the combination of subliminal techniques and compelling writing. In this way, it will attempt a potential customer to get persuaded for all his important purchasing decisions. Because of this process, Joe Vitale was able to work with the most successful companies in the world. Being an advocate of his own marketing ideas “The Law of Attraction” and “The Secret”, he was able to publish various books related on it. Among the famous ones are the “Life’s Missing Instruction Manual” and “The Attractor Factor”.

The marketing idea of Joe Vitale on “The Law of Attraction” refers to a philosophical system that deals with getting something you really want or attracted to. It teaches techniques on how to attract what you want by changing the ways of behaving and thinking. Meanwhile the marketing idea of Joe Vitale on the “The Secret” is somehow Vitalflow a refinement of all the works of “The Law of Attraction”. Because of this, “The Law of Attraction” had become more accessible and practical to use for everyone. The “The Secret” of Joe Vitale prominently features the world’s foremost authorities.

For more than 25 years, Joe Vitale has become one of the most powerful marketing minds and copywriters in the world. His advertising, publicity, copywriting, and marketing expertise had given the world of online businesses great inspirations and original methods of becoming successful. He even got starred in the hit movie, The Secret. Dan Kennedy, author of B.S. Marketing to the Affluent even gave a satisfied testimonial to Joe Vitale. He stated that the works of Joe Vitale will definitely take any online business owner or marketer to a whole new world since the works of Joe Vitale are truly enlightening, entertaining and engaging.

Being one of the top five marketing specialists in the world today, Joe Vitale is known to his seminar attendees, customers and readers as the first hypnotic writer in the world. He was also a certified hypnotherapist, an ordained minister, a certified Chi Kung healer and a certified metaphysical practitioner.

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