Is Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals Really For You?

If you’re considering Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals, this review covers what is helpful to know about jane Iredale liquid minerals foundation. And if you’ve seen some Noalc Funciona Mesmo negative reviews out there, this review will also cover some of those issues mentioned about Liquid Minerals.

Most positive Liquid Minerals reviews mention these following points:

– It looks natural – none of that heavily made-up look.
– Covers well – you need very little of it to get great results
– Feels wonderful on the skin – not only is it non-irritating on sensitive skin, it even soothes and helps it to become healthier!

Now the negative Liquid Minerals reviews mention these points:

– The color looking unnatural.
– It dries out the skin instead of keeping it moistened as the product claims.
– It has a strange glow and a mask effect that does not look natural whatsoever.

Now, to clear up these contradicting points. This product can work and blend into your skin with subtlety and naturally, but it requires two things:

1) Take the time to find your right color! Jane Iredale’s mineral makeup offers the widest range of color to match all kinds of skin tones. It does take time and effort, but do this and you won’t regret it. Otherwise you will just be tossing money down the drain.

2) Application is KEY. Putting too much on is a very common mistake, especially with mineral makeup brands. Knowing how to apply is crucial to getting the desired finish. Important tips to note:

1 – Use a good moisturizer before applying, especially if you have dry skin!

2 – Use a foundation brush or your fingers and DO NOT use more than one or two drops. Using more than that, or over brushing it will give you that ‘masked’ look!

3 – If you think you need more coverage than one or two drops, there are many ways to make one tiny drop work wonders!

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