Horse Racing – Get to Know the Trainers

If you are looking for ways to make a profit from your horse race betting it could pay you to get to know some of the race horse trainers. I do not mean that you should go out and try bet 365 to actually meet them although that would be very nice. No, what you need to do is to try and get to know the way they work.

This is particularly true of trainers who often work to a set system and are known for the specific way they train their horses. For instance some stables like to bring their young horses on slowly and rarely win with horses running for the first time. Other training establishments pride themselves on having their horses ready from day one and often have a hat full of winners early in the season.

Some stables are renown in the racing world for backing their own horses when they expect them to win. Some stables are more successful at this than others and it can pay to know which stables are worth following when their horse’s odds start tumbling and which should be viewed with caution.

These days it is expensive to send just one horse to a distant race course and some trainers rarely send horses any real distance unless it is expected to win its race. If you know who these trainers are you can often make a killing.

So how do you get to know the trainers? These days with wall to wall TV coverage of horse racing most trainers especially the better known ones are interviewed regularly both before and during racing. The major racing web sites especially the Racing Post and At The Races also include articles about and interviews with trainers.

It would not be possible to study all the race horse trainers and it makes sense to concentrate on 4 or 5. It is similar to having a portfolio of horse racing systems and just as you should paper test such systems you should spend some time studying your trainers before risking any money.

Get to know how they work, read and listen to everything you can about them. Most major trainers have stable open days when the public can visit and if possible you should try and go to these. By concentrating on just a few trainers not only will you learn a lot about them and their methods but you will also have a far deeper depth of knowledge about their horses and owners than the general betting.

For a balanced portfolio of trainers you could start by including a couple of the bigger trainers such as Paul Nicholls and Venetia Williams and adding one or two of the new up and coming trainers who you think show potential.

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