Go Carts Can Be Fun For the Whole Family

What better way to spend your Saturday or Sunday then taking a spin on a new go cart. Growing up as a kid I always wanted something motorized whether it was a dirt bike, go labdroverbar cart or ATV’s of some kind. My father thought motorcycles were too dangerous and refused to buy me one so I finally one day talked him into something with four wheels and a roll cage for safety. My go cart had arrived!

Every kid dreams of going fast and go carts are no exception. Although they are setup safer than their 2-wheeled counterparts they are still a danger if not used smart and properly. Parents are responsible for teaching that to their children as well as to themselves. Safety is the number one concern especially when your children are involved. Thankfully there are videos and manuals to better prepare families before they set out on their new adventurous ride.

Go Carts range from beginner to expert and their horsepower rating is measured accordingly. The beginners start at 4 hp and range in age from 4 to 8 yr old. The average speed is about 15mph which is pretty good for a 4 year old child. Though dangerous they can be safely handled and slowed down with a governor which is installed on most models to help control the speed at which a child can go. It can be adjusted to slower or faster depending on you desired speed.

Go Karts range anywhere from 250 up to 800cc and get get as fast as 65mph which is for adults only of course. Go cart racing is also becoming a popular sport in many states. Several Nascar drivers started out racing go carts and evolved from there as children. Go Carting is the most popular motor sport in America. The off road aspect of go carts is widely appealing to many young kids.

The best places to find go carts and go cart parts are at local hardware stores like Pep Boys. Walmart also carries them from time to time but mostly in the fall and winter months. Your local Yamaha, Suzuki or Honda dealer will almost always have a go cart on hand for sale along with 4wheelers and dirtbikes in the winter months.

Go carting can be huge family fun and as long as you are safe and follow all rules and regulations regarding safety you will enjoy many years of fun with this little motorized cart.

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