Dental Loupes and Surgical Loupes and LED Lights: Their Use and Benefit in the Medical Industry

For the medical professional there are many benefits to using surgical loupes or dental loupes. When a patient sees their doctor, receiving quality care is of utmost importance. best led headlights on the market One point that is often overlooked is the well-being of the dentist or physician. Doctors often spend long hours working on their patients in less than ideal conditions. Often times the area of the patient being treated is not always easy to access or see. In these situations the dentist or physician could benefit from the use of a good pair of magnifying loupes.

Loupes are available in varying magnifications, typically ranging from 2.0 to 8.0. The lower magnification loupes use 2 lenses to collimate the image. Higher magnification loupes, due to their more complex design, are typically heavier. Additionally, the higher the magnification of the loupes the smaller the field of view the doctor will be able to see.

There are many benefits to loupes, some obvious and others not so obvious. Loupes allow the treating physician to see the patient with better detail and clarity, stay a safer distance from the patient, and allow the physician or dentist to sit with proper posture to eliminate eye, back, and neck strain.

There are many loupe makers to choose from. Some have good products but mark up the price of their products to stratospheric levels. Other providers sell products of questionable quality at very low prices. There are makers of LED lights and loupes which offer very high quality products without unnecessary markup. The high quality loupes utilize multi-coated optics to reduce glare and increase light transmission. The quality of coated optics provides a sharp, and detailed image for exceptional edge to edge clarity. Doctors that wear prescription lenses can also use loupes with prescription lenses.Typical offerings are single vision, bi-focals, and (progressive) no-line bi-focals.

The best LED lights are designed and made in the USA. LED technology has come a long way in recent years, and the lights available make good use of the LED technology to illuminate the doctor’s working area better than has ever been possible. The key traits to look for in a good LED light are light weight, increased brightness, superior cooling ability, LED life, battery time, and durability.

Loupes and LED headlights improve the quality of care, while offering protection to the attending physician or dentist. Many patients have been to a dentist or a physician that does not use loupes, but when they see their doctor come in using loupes and a LED headlight the confidence they have in the care that they are receiving is likely to increase.

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