Baby Gifts: Products You Should Not Buy For A Child

We often hear or read about tips and suggestions on what to give a child for his birthday or christening. However, there are only a few articles online that provide information about what NOT to buy for a child. Most of us are quick to jump on any bassinet for bedside product or baby gift item that we think are suitable for a child. However, there are Baby Gifts that present health and safety risks that are definitely not worth taking. Below are some of the items that you should avoid if you’re planning on giving baby gifts for boys and girls.


Although it is a common practice for adults to sleep beside their babies in an adult bed, it is often very dangerous. New products resembling bassinets that are designed to go in between parents or beside an adult bed doesn’t really make it safe for adults to sleep together with their babies. It would be wise to avoid buying a bedside sleeper or bassinet for babies. It is not a practical baby gift idea and it is unsafe too.


Sleep positioners are created to help keep babies, especially infants, on their back in a safe and secure position when sleeping. However, this device makes it virtually impossible for young infants to roll over from their backs on their own, making this product virtually unnecessary and impractical. Another disadvantage to using sleep positioners is that its soft foam can pose suffocation hazards for babies.


Studies revealed that approximately 10 babies die from drowning every year due to baby bath seats. All deaths that result from using baby bath seats happen when parents or babysitters leave the baby unattended for a short period of time. Although these seats are created to make it easier to hold the babies in the bathtub, it can sometimes create a false sense of security for the parents. A safe baby gift alternative would be infant bathtubs.


Crib bumper pads are created to help prevent bruises and bumps. However, they can be very dangerous for babies. Studies have shown that about 27 cases of infant death resulted from infants being wedged between the bumper pads and another object or when the infant’s face is against the bumper. Since crib bumper pads cannot be secured safely to cribs that have solid end panels, they are not recommended as baby gifts for toddlers.


Over the years, there have been cases where babies have died due to serious injuries associated from using sling carriers. Injuries that babies usually suffer from include concussions, abrasions, skull fractures, head injuries and more. Accidents related to using sling carriers happen when babies fall out of the sling.

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