Your Bra Size Is Your Comfort Size

Most women view the bra as a necessary component to their daily wear. Developed from the corset in the 20th century, the modern bra has evolved to give women a choice of a variety of styles, brands and shapes to suit their desire. Bras can provide brustumfang messen support and comfort, or simply be worn to compliment the outfit that a woman is wearing. Women should consider comfort as important a factor as style when selecting a bra to buy.

Some studies estimate that up to 80% of women wear an incorrect bra size. If you wear an ill-fitting bra you risk not only struggling through a day of discomfort but also skin irritation and possible rashes.

You can find your correct bra size by following these four easy steps.

1. The first step is to measure under your bust line. To take this measurement, wrap a measuring tape snuggly around you so that the tape is straight across your back. You should round your measurement to the nearest whole inch.

2. You next need to calculate your band size from the measurement taken in step 1. If your measurement was under 33 inches, add 5 inches and if that number is odd, round down to the nearest even number. If your measurement was over 33 inches, add 3 inches and round up to the nearest even number if odd. The result is your band size.

3. To measure your over-the-bust line, wrap your measuring tape around your breasts and back so that you include the biggest part of your bust. Though this measurement may be a “loose measurement,” still be sure that the tape goes straight across your back.

4. The fourth and final step is to calculate your cup size by finding the difference between the under-the-bust measurement and the over-the-bust measurement taken in steps 1 and 3. If the difference between your two bust line sizes is 0″ your cup size is AA, if it is 1″ than you need a size A, 2″ and you should try a B-cup, 3″ is a C, 4″ is a size-D, 5″ is a DD-cup and 6″ is an F-cup

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