Starcraft 2 Elite Guide – Zerg – Free Ticket to Hydra-Fest

In Starcraft 2 the Hydralisk and Infestor combination is something that I’ve dubbed as Hydra-Fest and is employed increasingly more and more on at this time due to the tor hydra strength of the two units combined. This tactic must not be disregarded for any less capable army for example Roaches and Hydralisks. The following information will highlight why to think about applying this combo and the way to put it to use correctly.

The Hydra-fest combo is extremely successful towards an army of smaller units for example marines and marauders or zealots and stalkers. The Infestor are able to use fungal growth to deteriorate the units plus the Hydralisks will end them rapidly using their ranged attacks. This kind of combo can be ideal for dealing with bigger units for example Thors and Siege Tanks or Colossi and Immortals. The Infestor are able to use neural parasite to mind control the massive units and convert them having them attack the defender’s own army as the Hydralisks can provide defense to the Infestors.

This particular method can also be beneficial towards an air assault due to the Hydralisk’s capability to attack air. On the other hand, it may possibly not be capable of taking over a greater air attack for instance mass carriers so ensure you look out for this and acquire Corruptors if you notice it on its way.

You need to tech into a Lair fairly ahead of time which means you will have the ability to mutate both Infestors and Hydralisks. You simply must postpone your initial expansion in anticipation of having the Lair upgrade going and mutate Zerglings and Spine Crawlers for defense as you wait.

You will end up slightly vulnerable in early stages in the match however, you will get caught up quickly once you begin mutating Infestors and Hydralisks. It will require a bit of training in order to make use of the Infestors flawlessly within the brawls but once you’ve got it down you will have a small number of competitors that can offer an actual challenge.

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