How to Have the Best Experience With Google Voice VoIP

If you’ve checked your Gmail account lately, you might have noticed that Google has come out with a new phone service that allows you to call phones for free. In addition to voice app companies that, this Google Voice VoIP service also comes with cheap long-distance calling. You may, however, have some trouble using the app. What are some ways you can take advantage of this service?

1. Use your phone with it

Google Voice VoIP for phones is somewhat elusive. Possibly the best known app for Voice is GrooVe IP for Android. This app comes with all the features you would get on your computer – call recording, using a single number that rings you everywhere, free calls, and more. In areas with poor reception, you can use a WiFi connection to call instead. And as with any good phone app, you can use the main dialer and contacts list to choose between normal or Google Voice calls. This app is a must-have for any Voice users.

2. Take advantage of the cheap long-distance rates

Google Voice has a very nice integrated long-distance service. You can buy credits in currency and they are used up per minute as you make your call. The rates are amazingly inexpensive, making Voice worth having if only for this service. Long-distance calls are available for a huge number of countries outside the United States. A relatively small amount of cash will get you approximately an hour of call time.

3. Get a good headset

Getting a good headset will make it sound like you’re using the best phone on Earth. As far as landline services go, it can’t be any clearer. If you plan on using Google Voice a lot, a good headset will go a very long way in your communications. You will hear clearly and be understood better. A good microphone is the key to these headsets, the best available being gaming headsets. Although meant for video games, they have been tweaked long enough to ensure nothing is lost in communication save for common human error.

These are some of the most common ways to take advantage of Google Voice VoIP. The rest is up to you. Would you like have your own personalized number? Voice has it ready for you. Would you like to provide a way for your mother to call back to her home country? Google voice provides that service for you. With free local calls along with the other listed features, the possibilities are endless.

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