Finding Long Tail Keywords

Do you want to know how you can get the top spots in the search engines for guaranteed targeted traffic to your site in the next few hours? Of course you do. This article is quite ironic, actually, because I have sourced a long tail keyword to use as the title of the article so that it appears in the search engines for “Finding Long Tail seo api Keywords”. Why have I done this? Because my research shows that around 400 searches a month are done on this key phrase globally and that nobody else is really competing. It’s a no brainer, grab that low hanging fruit while you can and work cleverer not harder! (I’ll look like an idiot if this doesn’t rank, I know!)

Why do I need long tail key phrases?

You need to understand that the mass marketing strategies of yesteryear are out of the window. The days of finding a way to hit the biggest market possible are gone. New technologies have arrived on the scene and along with them comes a new more sophisticated set of strategies that you need to be aware of.

Let me ask you a question. What would you prefer to be top for? One very popular broad key phrase that attracts thousands and thousands of hits per month, or 100 highly targeted and qualified key phrases that each only attract a couple of hundred hits?

Actually, that last question was rhetorical, because you should know the answer. A highly targeted set of keywords allows you to really understand what your prospects and potential customers are looking for when they arrive on your web site.

One of my colleagues in the internet marketing industry had a web site that was ranking top of the search engine for a key phrase. This key phrase received over 20,000 hits per month. However, another key phrase that only had 5% of the monthly search volume gave him 100% more sales. The first key phrase: “product x” (not literally but you understand where I’m going with this) and his second key phrase: “buy red product x”. Now you see where I’m coming from.

So, we now understand that we want to target long tail phrases, but how do we get this information?

Well, one option is to sign up to But I wouldn’t recommend it because that feeds off data from a conglomeration of search engines separate to Google. We need Google data for our research to be reliable because that’s where we’re trying to rank! Therefore you can try, a keyword research tool built in house by the Google gurus. Finally, and my favourite of the lot, you have MicroNicheFinder.

This tool, MicroNicheFinder, is incredible for finding niches. I can literally do a quick search in MNF and find a key phrase that is uncompetitive, go to my blog and create a new post that matches the key phrase. Within a few days my articles are always top. Imagine if you did this once a day for three months – you receive incredible traffic to your blog!!

Why MicroNicheFinder? A couple of reasons. It uses Google data through the API so you know your research is as reliable as possible, you can get Google adword rates to see if AdSense campaigns would be profitable (the higher the bid, generally the higher the payout), you can check the number of backlinks to the sites with that keyphrase as an anchor AND it’s got a plethora of other tools that are just really, damn useful.

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