Best Free Zombie Games to Play Online

Who doesn’t love a good zombie game every once in a while? I mean you get to either play as a very cool looking zombie or you get to chop some zombies for good old fashioned fun under the sun. Well not only are these addictive games, but they are also some of the best games around. Here are just a few of these great games that you can have all the fun in the world playing.

Ashes 2 Ashes: Zombies!
Okay, so what if you are a major fan of cricket, but you could never really think of an exciting way to play the game and have a little fun on the side. Well, look no further than Ashes 2 Ashes: Zombies! In this zombie games, you will have the ultimate chance to play your favorite game of cricket and also smash some zombie heads while you are at it. The more you smash the more points you will rack up for the ultimate cricket action, you won’t find anywhere else.

Snake Eats Zombies
So I’m sure everyone can remember the classic game of snake. Either you use to play it on the computer or you have played it on your mobile phone. Well what do you think would happen if you took that snake, loaded some guns on it, through it in an arena, and sent a bunch of zombies its way? Well, this is one of the funny games you could ever play and all that can be said is that the zombies are in for a real shock. Enjoy the thrills you will get, because the fun will never stop in these addicting games.

Ninjas and Zombies
Everyone likes ninjas and every likes zombies, so why can’t they all just get along? Well, it might be because the ninjas are throwing knives, swords, and even grenades at the zombies. But hey, when you get to play as a ninja fighting off a swarm of zombies, it is very hard to stop. This pulse pounding game is nothing but non-stop action as you rip through every zombie that shows its face.

These games will definitely get the action going for you and get you the ultimate zombie games escapades. You can check out these games and many more that will give you just as many thrills and astonishing action as these will. Say “bye bye” to the boring and say “hello” the new way of playing very addicting games.

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