Always A New Twist To This Old Game – Gone Phishing

The internet is an extremely fascinating, absolutely exciting, disgustingly wicked and thoroughly mesmerizing place.

The Information highway not only provides the means for good honest business dealings but it is an  tor hydra easy way for fraudsters, scamsters, and crooks to work their magic on the trusting souls traveling that highway.

The most deadly correspondence and ‘sure to get the desired action by the receiver’ of the e-mail is the use and misuse of a familiar technology.

An email is received advising you that $512.57 had been deposited into your Pay Pal account. Mr. G.A. Medamensa was the verified buyer.

The fraudster’s email gave a transmission ID number and ended the message by telling you where to ship the goods.

The email includes a note that looks exactly like a message from Pay Pal. The message contained a warning to never provide your password to fraudulent websites and includes a reminder that Pay Pal employees would never ask you for this type of information.

You, the email recipient, would have had to look very closely to notice the small “us” that was added to the PayPal address.

This was a clever phishing scheme.

Both the URL shown in the security message and the link to view the transaction would have sent you to bogus sites where your personal and account information would be captured by the thieves.

The supposed warning from Pay Pal would have put you, the client, at ease and made the fraudster’s job very simple.

Constantly we are told not to open messages from unfamiliar senders. Seldom do we take heed of the warnings.

Be alert. Delete all messages where you do not know the sender and train yourself to NEVER click on any URL in messages from unfamiliar senders.

M.L. Blanchard MBA, CMA is a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, an author and entrepreneur for Blanchard Consulting Enterprises, a Business Consulting & Development Company showing people how to build a successful business.

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