All The Horse Racing Tips You Need For Selection

An ideal horse racing tip suggest that selecting the right horse is probably one of the most vital factor that should be taken thorough care of. Failing which can result in losing the race. There are several process for selecting choosing horses. Some of them are detailed below:

This first method of selecting horses discussed here is immensely easy to use and does not consume much of your time to follow. Following this process you can eliminate all races that are of a highly competitive in nature and choose only those races that bear a good current form and has the ability to repeat it. This will help you achieve an average of 3-4 bets each week and at the same time you can expect 50-60% winners at all odds. So, how will you go about it? Here is how:

Utilize any newspaper like “Daily Mirror” or the “Daily Express” for this, as all the relevant information connected to this will be made available to you by these newspapers. First of all select all non-handicap races with fields up to and inclusive of 12 declared runners. Amateur, Apprentice and Ladies races are to be eliminated in this case. Now check for any horse that has won last time. Form’s tips are available for each race near the race card. While placing your bet write down “Odds on or evens, no bet” on your slip. This will help you eradicate by itself odds on and evens bets and be assured that all the selections are priced at odds against.

Yet another process of selection is discussed below. If you closely persuade the rules in this case, you can at times end up with one selection sometimes two.

For all the horses that are participating, select all those horses that have a steady form and have finished in the first three in their last three races. For the horses to qualify, they, should have those form figures. Following this you have to now abandon the other horses and settle down with one horse. The elimination procedure should be as follows. Initially you need to eliminate those horses that do not have any rating in the topspeed ratings. Commonly a highest of three such ratings can be found below each race. Next you need to eradicate all the horses that do not have a favourite forecast by the Racing Post.

After this if one horse is what you are left with, then this is the selection for the day. In case after the elimination process, you are left with more than one horse then, the selection must ideally be the horse quoted at the shortest price in the Racing Post forecast. If you are left with no horses left then there is no bet for the day.

The horse racing tip for selection of horses recommend that, what you are primarily backing is a horse that has shown consistent form and returned good times. So the horse when running against others must have a first grade chance.

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