Add a Personal Touch to Your Place With Concrete Floor Coatings

So, you finally dressed your walls in a fabric-like finish, and the tools are neatly hanging on an outlined pegboard. But, hang-on your car seems envious? Is it because, it is sitting on the oily, and stinky concrete slab. Probably, to show off your concrete floor coating chic sense of design, you need to put that crowning touch on the garage: a concrete epoxy floor coating that will create the look of luxurious flooring treatment with a relatively small investment of time and money.

Concrete Floor Epoxy Coatings not only gives professional look but also resists stubborn stains, chemicals and wipes clean easily. They also hide annoying imperfection from the floor, and you just need a little time to sweep the dirt out and paint the epoxy on.

Then you see your place be a space worth driving to-and flaunting off.

Concrete Floor Epoxy Coatings Are Ideal For:

  • automotive and shopping centers
  • basement and warehouse facilities
  • food processing facilities
  • airplane hangars
  • residential garage floors
  • laboratory floors
  • …and many other types of floors and walls including wooden ones.

Applying An Concrete Floor Epoxy Coatings

Applying concrete floor coating to your floor seems as easy as painting walls, but as with painting, it entails a professional call. Epoxy demands an even and a professionally cleaned surface. That suggests any cracks and potholes will not be a good candidate for epoxy. Before installing any coating to your floor, it must be clean and free of any debris that may prevent bonding, such as dirt, oil or sealer. Any grease or dirt will compromise the epoxy hold, so cleaning is a step that should not be rushed. Special attention should be paid to covering any cracks that may be in the floor, as they must be dealt with prior to installing your floor coatings.

Once the floor is clean and ready for its coating, it all comes down to timing. The hardest part is waiting: Once the whole floor is done, you still have to hold off parking the car on it for another 72 hours.

There are different types of cleaners offered by manufacturers having the versatility to go with any style of decor, so pay close attention to check the ingredients before you choose which is best for you. Epoxies can range from simple to a more complex colored base with multicolor flecks in it, offering a design similar to granite or terrazzo. Epoxy floor coatings come in easy-to-apply kits. However, you will need to have extra supplies.

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