A WordPress Membership Site Plugin Ads Magic To Your Blog

You probably already know WordPress and how easy it is to use. How about adding a plugin and get ready to receive recurrent income? This is possible, if you install a WordPress Download Free Hide My WP plugin membership site plugin. And since there are several out there, I’ll tell you what you should look for.

Easy To Install

Unless you’re a techie, or have a hired staff to take care of all that stuff, you’ll need a plugin that’s easy to install.

The best thing is, if you can install it directly from your Dashboard, just by choosing Plugins -> Add New, and then browse your way to the file on your hard disk.

The second best is, if you can get the programmer himself to install it for you, but normally this is only available for the higher priced plugins. So you should probably add a couple of hundred dollars to get this service.

Should Be Able To Hide Chosen Blog Post

Maybe you don’t want to hide everything on your blog. In most cases, it’s more beneficial to show blog posts, have a sales page, and then only let your subscribers see particular blog posts, made for the membership site.

So make sure your plugin supports that.

It goes without saying that it should at least be able to hide posts to the public.

Price – You’re Not Buying Anything – You’re Investing

Unless you just go out and buy a membership site plugin for fun, this is meant to be an investment.

You can spend all the money you like on fun things. But an investment has to be able to pay itself back.

This means you have to consider the price and your needs, and what you expect to be able to make of profits with the help of this plugin.

So, the first thing to do is to consider, what you need this script for. Do you want to sell a digital product and make it easy for the customer to download it?

Or do you expect to get regular clients, who join and stay for months, so that you’ll need to drip feed your blog with new content?

Would you like your visitors to be able to see a ‘teaser’ of the blog post, and then — should they want to read more — they should be led to a site, where they can buy a membership?

Take everything into consideration.

What WordPress Membership Site Plugins Can You Choose Between

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