8 Big Differences Between an Amateur and Professional Web Site

You probably have a friend who knows how to build a web site cheap, so why not go this route? Many people who are moving their business online or gaining an online hire a professional hacker online presence think that as long as a functional web site is in place there is no need to waste extra money by hiring a professional. So then, why should you spend that extra cash to hire a professional?

1. Security. Cheaper sites are less secure and attract hackers and spammers. These thieves will use your IP address and your emails may be blocked because you are sending from the same IP as spammers. This could prevent you from reaching clients without you realizing it.

2. Viewing. A site could look excellent on Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers but repulsive on Opera. It may work on the latest Internet Explorer but break on an earlier edition. The site may look fine to you but unreadable for vision impaired users due to improper code and navigation tools. In all these cases, the frazzled internet user just bought from your competitor. Professionals are sure to comply with all standards so as to maximize the users who can view your site. There are many different computers, browsers, and operating systems; do not be satisfied that the site works on your computer.

3. Storage space and bandwidth are much more limited on cheaper web sites and the makers of these sites often oversell bandwidth. Bandwidth is the amount of data sent from your server to your site visitors. Not having enough will deny visitors from your site or slow down the load speed. Customers may not bother waiting if your site takes too long to load.

4. Customer service. One of the biggest differences is the level of attention given once the web site is completed. Problems are guaranteed to arise with a web site, but having an easily reachable tech support team can eradicate issues quickly. With smaller companies or a contracted designer, it is usually more difficult to make changes or updates.

5. SEO. Any reputable web host will offer and encourage Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is not something that can be put aside and tended to later, a site must use SEO techniques when it is built in order to be especially effective. A site built by an amateur will poorly execute SEO but professionals offer in depth knowledge of search engine algorithms and utilize advanced applications.

6. The Site Building Team. A professionally done web site will employ at least a web developer (code), web designer (creativity), and SEO manager who are all very experienced in their field. An amateur web site is usually entirely done by one person who has a little experience in each of these fields and who does not have access to the same tools as the specialists.

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